How I decided not to become an electrician.

For those who can't watch the movie here is the written story.

how i decided not to become an electrician

When I was growing up, my father started to suggest different career opportunities for me because he felt a little bit anxious about my being indecisive.
“You could as well become an electrician, see. It's good money, you'll even make it into your own company one day!” he said in earnest. He works as a technical physician assistant. He had made his point. But he never mentioned it again.
After one day of consideration I decided not to become an electrician.
I'd become an artist instead.

[some frames later]
I don't think he even recalls that moment which was kind of a turning point for me…

Two weeks ago before I got here to pin this test print of Thilo to the wall to see how large it should be, I decided to make a detour around my parents' home since I don't live there anymore and see them quite seldom.
My father and I sat at a restaurant table. I was going to treat him.
“Did you ever imagined me becoming an artist?” I asked him eventually.
“No, god, no!” he said with a laugh, and added “but I respect your decision. There seems to come some money around – you invited me, after all.”
[longer pause]
“You know what? You can still become an electrician!”
I'm glad he didn't stress the subject. We silently enjoyed our meal.